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You can read more about the ViewU photoapp below where is introducing its features, and also on the Controls and Tips, where you will find the instructions for using the app and the tips and tricks that you can use with the ViewU. The application runs on Android 4.2 or higher

ViewU functionality

The ViewU photoapp is especially useful for capturing beautiful moments like group photos on celebrations or selfies that allow you to capture from multiple views and angles at one moment thanks to the interconnection of up to 4 devices. After capturing  ViewU can automatically send photos from all devices to main device, that is very practical.


ViewU is photoapp for Android and can use front and rear camera, LED lighting and more. Can take photos and capture video with one click on up to 4 devices. Captured photos and videos are saved in the phone gallery.

The application uses WIFI-direct technology, which can connect up to 4 devices, where 1 device being the main one that indicating action instructions, and the other devices are labeled as secondary. Captured photos from all devices can be send to main device automatically.


Taking photo or start/stop video instructions can also be made remotely using the bluetooth driver. These actions represent the up / down buttons on the side of the phone. This is useful if you own a selfie stick or tripod for example. Be all on a group photo.

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ViewU offers another interesting feature. With its clear camera preview without interfering icons and without automatically shutting down the application for some time, it is suitable for using mirroring technology (most devices now have it). Put a camera preview on larger screen and show other people a view that they can not see in real-time by their eyes.

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Users testimonials

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Thank you for this app!!! I tried to find something similar, perhaps forever. Good for shooting with friends and experimenting in sports and parties. And also the possibility of mirroring a clean preview of the camera is also not a throw away 🙂

Joseph, Boston

Very comfortable control, nothing complicated. The application could have nicer icons. I use it mainly for football training videos, but also for shooting with a bunch of friends – one photo from the front, the other from the back and 2 from the side = a nice collage and a preserved memory.

Kaemon, Tokyo

Thanks to the app, I have nicer albums from my travels around the world. It is special to see a collage of 4 photos of party friends we know are all taken at one moment. The connection screen might be clearer. But that isn´t critical.

Eveline, Oslo

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