Enjoy new experiences with your mobile camera

The controls of ViewU is very simple, so let´s get it!

  • Arrow – change of front / rear cameras
  • Thunderbolt – 4 modes of LED diod (On, Off, Torch – constant illumination, Auto)
  • The Middlebutton – short click => take a picture, long click => starting capturing video (the next short click stops capturing)
  • Magnifier – moves to the menu for connecting multiple devices

In the menu of connecting you see your device and below that the other devices (with installed ViewU) that are connected to the same wifi. For connect you click on any device. On the connecting device pops pairing query – it is need to allow it and the next query on the main device is need to allow it too. If the main and secondary devices are connected, you are paired. Follow the same procedure to connect multiple devices, BUT WARNING – always one after the other (including queries), when all devices is connected lights are on. Click the Disconnect button to disconnect your device, then click Search to start for searching devices.

The connecting of the devices takes a different time for different types of devices – it is necessary to wait for the confirmaton queries for the connection, confirm them on both devices – as lit sign Connected – you can go to the action.


If you have paired devices, you can take a photo (from main and other devices) using the middle button (on the main device) in the application. The main and secondary devices perform a command, and the captured material (photo/video) is stored in the ViewU folder on each device. ViewU also offers uploading captured ONLY PHOTOS to the main device, which is practical for following editing, collage creation, etc. It is possible when the secondary devices choose “Send pictures to main device”. When this feature is turned on, the captured photos are sent to the main device immediately after capture. To complete the process, all devices must be within a common WIFI network.

The application simply offers a clean view from the camera without icons and other elements. Just click on the screen off the icons on the main screen (view from the camera). This solution offers the possibility of mirroring the clear view from the camera on a larger screen. Become a director, actor and spectator in one moment in your living room. Give others a view which they can not see through their eyes.

Shooting command can also be entered via bluetooth controls such as the selfie sticks or the tripods with the BT driver. The 2 buttons on these controls represent volume Up / Down buttons on the main device. You also need to have the remote control set up on the phone up / down buttons. For example you can use the External Keyboard Helper Demo app.

  • Up button – take a picture
  • Down button – start/stop capturing video

Tips and tricks!

In the near future there will be show more tricks and photo galleries from the real use of the application. Be the one who contributes a nice photo or video! Below this text is some tips you could use with ViewU!

Are you out of Wi-Fi?

If you are not within the wifi signal range and have the ability to create a HOT-SPOT (access point) on device with mobile data (GPRS). Than others devices can connect using Wi-Fi to the device that created the hot-spot and the ViewU will work.

The mirroring?

Use the ViewU's pure preview for mirroring and showing your current situation by looking at yourself on the big screen. Put the phone on a tripod or selfie pole and enjoy the entertainment home. You will see a view that you would never see by your own eyes. Be surprised!​

Special occasions

Record important moments from weddings or celebrations. Record a videos from multiple devices that start and end at the same time, and do not worry about adjusting the timing. Take a picture of unwrapping gifts under a Christmas tree or jump into the water on vacation. Multiple viewing angles = so exciting! ​

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Sports moments

One phone behind the golman, the other behind the attacker who is going to penalty. Both take a picture in 1 moment and makes 2 diferent photos that together make up exciting view. Start off remotely using bluetooth video recording from these two devices. Capture play on the pitch from multiple perspectives.


Extended eyes

Use as a practical helper at home, work and anywhere, where cannot see the situation through your eyes. Do you know the feeling when you need to take a picture for exmaple the machine label and you make it several times until you gain it? Use ViewU to preview! One device in your hand, the other look at what you need. And then, blink!

How to make a simple tripod?